December 17, 2019

Final Submission Blog Post

The semester has been pretty exciting and interesting with what we learned in CT-101. From photoshopping to creating a website and designing it with imagines and blog posts. A project that was really enjoyable throughout the semester was using the photoshop to create various images for the Zine project. It allowed everyone to become creative and use their imagination to combine multiple objects and pictures into one image that was used to depict how we view and think of technology.

The picture above represents to me that as time passes by, the ability to get a more accurate reading on a racers time improved. From going to a hand-help stop watch to using a FAT (Fully Automatic Timing) system. I love the sport with a burning passion so being able to get an accurate read of my times constantly improving is a great feeling to me. Technology doesn’t stop there either. As it improves theres been more and more developments that give athletes a better reading on their current performance and how they can improve.

Lets be honest here though, do you really think as time passes by there wont be a futuristic set? Eventually the world will be absolutely tech related and cyber which will result in things such as flying robots, going into the digital world or full-body virtual reality. AI will take over everything and soon robots will get a mind of their own, cause an uprising and take over the world because even though we have movies for these EXACT REASONS and moments, people still want to do things that lead to these movies. Will I blame the robots for starting an uprising when it happens? No, because people apparently don’t watch movies and it shows.

Enough of me going on a rant about something that has a 95% chance of happening in the near future. This class really helped me to enjoy the beauty of photo-shop and gain access into my creativity. I hope to be able to continue to use what this class taught me in the near future to develop posters, advertisements, and other kind of promotional things.

I’ll be honest, in this class I am not fully sure on what grade I earned in this class but in truth be told, I would say probably a ‘B’. I have been uploading to the sites and publishing but I kept procrastinating on them and doing them last minute where they could have been better. My creations from the photo shop work definitely could have been better but if anything, I hope to improve as I move forward so which ever grade I earned is what I got.