December 10, 2019

Frankentoy Project from CT-137

So throughout the semester I was taking the CT-137 course, we were doing some pretty interesting projects and learning new things. We learned how to code with an arduino board, making designs and 3D printing the designs. My favorite thing was the Frankentoy project because it made me think of what I wanted to combine in order to make something. I chose the Pachimari plush from the game ‘Overwatch’ and the Fallen Walker Tank from the game ‘Destiny’. I chose these two objects because I find the Pachimari plush to be adorable and the FWT (Fallen Walker Tank) because it gives me PTSD from one of the missions in the game called ‘Zero Hour’ that has a 20-minute time limit to complete in order to obtain an Exotic weapon. The mission was incredibly annoying to do and the second version could only be done once a week for the catalyst for it in order to upgrade the weapon so me and my friends had to do it every week for I believe 4-5 weeks. On the website, Tinkercad, I removed the octopus part of the Pachimari plus and kept the head and put it on top of the FWT where the main cannon was supposed to be. It took some editing to get right but I really enjoy it and having it at home is a nice decoration. It came out all black when printed then I coated it with a white spray paint primer then I painted it with nail polish. Everything had to be printed separately via the body, legs, and head.